Story of JRO

Story of JRO

Welcome to JROptics!

We are excited for you to be a part of our journey!

We’re a local, family-owned sunglass distributor founded in Walnut, California. Founded by Dioscoro Regalado in 1994, we got our start distributing sunglasses for mall kiosks and gas stations and grew large enough to be featured in tradeshows. As a sunglasses company, we've grown a lot over the years and have big plans for the future.

Our promise to you is to provide quality sunglasses at a reasonable price from a team that knows more about sunglasses than anyone else. Since we actually stock sunglasses, you’ll be able to get any style and design of sunglasses, even the next big thing, shipped directly to you! We have a variety of styles, ranging from wayfarers to sports and lifestyle designs.

JROptics is designed to bring sunglasses to the masses at affordable prices, and it is our mission to continue to do so.  We have many exciting plans for the future, so keep a lookout!