Modern or Classic: The 7 Best Sunglasses for Men

Modern or Classic: The 7 Best Sunglasses for Men

Some say you're never fully dressed without a smile, but we say you're never fully dressed without a sleek pair of shades. Whether you're looking for prescription or polarized lenses, in modern or classic styles, we've compiled a list of the best sunglasses for men. Our list includes the top polarized sunglasses and best classic sunglasses to suit any man's taste. Read on to discover which pair of affordable, fashionable sunglasses is best suited to you.

Modern or Classic: The 7 Best Sunglasses for Men

1. The Airbourne

It's no secret that we love aviator-style sunglasses. The Airbourne is the perfect modern take on the classic aviator sunglasses. With a sleek teardrop lens and metal frame, The Airbourne is an instant classic serving up stylish military vibes that will have you feeling the need for speed.

2. The Superstar

If you're the kind of man who spends his days at the beach and his nights at the club, The Superstar are the sunglasses for you. With large square lenses, this bombastic new style has a playful edge while still demanding respect. You're sure to attract attention looking like the next hot R&B star in these modern frames.


3. The Classics

When we think about the best classic sunglasses for men, it's hard to beat a vintage wayfarer. The Classics is our suave wayfarer-style sunglasses designed to evoke that old Hollywood feel; it's a look that never truly goes out of style.

4. The Cooper (Polarized)

If you're looking to pair classic wayfarer-style sunglasses with a polarized lens, look no further than The Cooper. The Cooper capitalizes on function and fashion by giving you vintage vibes, clearer vision, and UV protection all-in-one.

5. The Big Shot

If you're looking for something more elegant than a wayfarer, we recommend the Big Shot. These sunglasses will make you feel like a young Hollywood movie producer from days gone by. Available with gold or silver frames, the Big Shot is perfect for a young man with a penchant for vintage style.

6. The Cypher

We love a good throwback, and if the early 90's is your particular flavor of nostalgia, then the Cypher may be the blast from the past you're looking for. With a sleek, small design, this ultra-lightweight sunglass will have you feeling like you can dodge bullets. We recommend pairing them with an oversized trench coat for that authentic 90's look.

7. The Sparrow (Polarized)

If you're looking for something sportier, the aerodynamic design of the Sparrow may be the right fit for you. With polarized lenses, you'll be able to protect your eyes and see with perfect accuracy, so you can confidently let your competitive side out in these sunglasses.

Whether you're looking for polarized sunglasses, chic modern styles, or classic vintage frames, JROptics has you covered. Our lenses are fashionable, and affordable. With many styles available to choose from, we're sure to have the perfect frame for your face. Stop in at our Walnut, CA store or order your next pair of sunglasses directly from the JROptics website today.